Today as everyday I am thinking about you. I think about the last time you came out to the shop for a haircut. We knew it would be the last before our move to Norman. So I hugged you told you I loved you and how much I appreciated you being so loyal to me, that’s hard to find these days.You said you’re never letting anyone else cut your hair, you’d grow it to your knees! Or drive to Norman. Well that was just a couple of weeks before the wreck and Brian I was the last to cut your hair I know you were so glad and relieved!!! I am so GLAD we had “that moment of thankfulness” for one another that day in my shop, I love all you kids as you were my own and so thankful for all the times we shared. Brian you are so special to me as well as your family and I can’t wait till I see you again.

Susan – June 02, 2009 at 08:09 AM