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Dear Mr. & Mrs. Crawford,
I watched the news last night & I wanted to let you know that it was my family that your son saved. My baby girl & 2 boys were in the car when the accident occurred. It is God’s miracle that we are here today. I was by Brian within seconds. I held his hand for what seemed to be eternity before help arrived. He was so calm & so BRAVE. I just kept telling him he’d be alright & I truly thought he was going to be fine. I prayed for Brian every second. Another lady arrived & held Brian’s other hand & just kept telling Brian to talk to Jesus. She was an angel to me. My hope comes from God’s promise of eternal life. (1 John 2:25) Cast your burden upon him & he will just air you. (Psalm 55:22).
My heart is torn as I do not know why the Lord placed me there at that time, or why he sparred my life & my children. I know only time will help less the pain. I am a mother & teacher & I know our children mean the world to us. Please rely on God to carry you through each day. Brian will always be in my thoughts. You will have my prayers for years to come. I hope this letter does not cause you more pain. I was touched by the positive story on the news & I wanted to let you know that Brian was not alone. He is my hero & my angel. Stay close to God & stay in church. If you need someone to talk or cry with, please call.

News Release

Brian Crawford Memorial Video Album

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Shawnee resident Brian Allen Crawford, 18, departed this life on Wednesday, April 27, in Meeker. He was born March 23, 1987, in Albuquerque, N.M., to Kenneth Rae and Anna Marie (Novotny) Crawford. Brian was very active in baseball, football and basketball. He was dedicated to the music program where he played baritone, was on the drum line and played guitar in the jazz band. His individual music awards include membership in OBU Honor Band, state qualifier in percussion ensemble, state solo qualifier and state brass ensemble qualifier twice. He was a very independent person, a motivator, mentor and big brother to all. Brian was a member of the National Honor Society, FCA and Youth Alive. He was preceded in death by one aunt, Robin Crawford, who died as an infant. Brian is survived by his parents, Kenneth and Anna Crawford of Shawnee; two brothers, Brad and Bryce Crawford, of the home; grandparents, Frank and Doris Novotny of Meeker, Cheryl Crawford of Prague, and George and Cindy Crawford of Luther; great-grandmothers, Wilma White of Prague and Faye Buchanon of Choctaw; aunts and uncles, Kay and Jon Pruitt of Shawnee, Michael and Leslie Novotny of Del City, and Tina and Wayne Pullen of Prague; special friend, Cayla Coker of Prague; numerous other relatives and friends. A Mass of Christian Burial will be 10 a.m. Saturday at St. Benedict Catholic Church in Shawnee with the Rev. Maurus Jaeb, O.S.B, and the Rev. Joachim Spexarth, O.S.B. officiating. Burial will follow at Calvary Cemetery in Shawnee. Services are under the direction of Parks Brothers Funeral Service of Prague.


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Brian Crawford Memorial (501c3) teams up with Seminole State College Educational Foundation to build the Brian Crawford Memorial Sports Complex. A “Lead Gift Donation” of $500K that has lead the way for the project.


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Congratulations Gant Hathcock – 2018 Brian Crawford Memorial Scholarship Recipient. Gant Hathcock is a Senior at Dale High School enrolled to further his education & baseball at Seminole State College.


[tinos_pagetitle css_animation=”top-to-bottom” title=”BCM Sports” sub_title=”14th Annual Brian Crawford Memorial Baseball Tournament”]March 29-31, 2019

2018 – 13th Annual Tournament Teams – 170

2017 – 12th Annual Tournament Teams – 128[/tinos_pagetitle]

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Randolph Rose Collection Is Currently Working On The Memorial Statute To Be Placed At The Brian Crawford Memorial Sports Complex In Seminole, OK

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We have initiated our Chair Back Seat Program to be installed at the Memorial Brian Crawford Memorial Project – Update Complex. For your $250 (per chair) donation we will personalize your chair(s) with your name, company name, team name or Bible Scripture of your choice Each chair will be numbered 1-88 per field (4) for a total of 352 chairs 501c3 nonprofit organizational

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Support Brian’s Memorial with a purchase of a baseball or softball necklace or bracelet. Necklace or Bracelet shipped with a memorial pamphlet and a baseball card of Brian


[tinos_pagetitle align=”center” css_animation=”top-to-bottom” title=”Phil 4:13″ sub_title=”“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.“” el_class=”white” sub_title_2=”Phil 4:13″]Brian Wrote The Bible Verse Phil 4:13 In All Of His Baseball Hats[/tinos_pagetitle]
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Help Us Build Brian’s Memorial? 405-642-9592Contact us
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We developed BCM Sports to run youth baseball / softball league & tournament play. Started at a local complex as our 501c3 was awarded a lease agreement to operate 8 turf fields. For 2 1/2 years we dedicated our “Elite Program” quickly grew in the number of players & teams participating with BCM Sports.

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