BCM Sports Stronger…

For 11 years we ran an Annual Memorial Tournament for Brian and to help raise finances moving forward to building Brian’s Memorial. In 2016 we created BCM Sports to run a sports complex and having a fundraiser every day we played league or tournaments games. Lots of time and effort but anything that would benefit Brian’s Memorial I am all in. For 2 1/2 years we built a sports program from nothing. Building a solid foundation and relationships with coaches and parents.

They say all good things must end… The City decided that more money was to be had and decided to void the operating contract with BCM Sports. In an attempt to do things on their own with no competing complexes our services were not needed.

In the Fall of 2018 BCM Sports stayed the course and offered to help all the local area complexes build a quality league. We had almost 50 league teams participate at Jones, EOC, Battlefields and Harrah.

Spring 2019 looks really good for BCM Sports and all of our local league teams.